Alliance party leader David Ford has stepped aside from his position as a elder in his local Presbyterian Church. This is thought to be related to his stance on same sex marriage. Mr Ford obviously thought he could ride two horses at the same time. He is the leader of a liberal political party and a member of a not so liberal Church when it comes to the subject of same sex marriage. Mr Ford is also Justice Minister in the Six Counties which means he should not be discriminating against anyone because of there sexual orientation. Members of Mr Ford’s church are not to happy with his pro gay marriage agenda and have made there feelings known. “I’m absolutely disgusted with David Ford,” said one local man speaking to the Antrim Times newspaper who asked not to be named. “I’m also furious that the church has done nothing to address the deep concerns we have.

“I couldn’t stomach sitting in the same room as him so I haven’t been back for three months now. This isn’t kicking a ball up in the air to start a row, this is principle – and I won’t move from that.

“And I’m not alone. Others have already stopped going and more are preparing to do the same. I would say 20 to 30 people have pulled the plug or are intending to do so.”