The DUP and their attitude to homosexuality I’m talking about. They say those living in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones something that seems to have passed the DUP by. Today Sinn Fein have a motion up in Stormont calling for Same Sex Marriage to be made legal here. The DUP are going to try and block it by raising a motion of concern according to their Chief Whip Peter Weir. Paul Berry was a rising young star in the party until he was caught out getting a sports massage from a young gay man by the Sunday World newspaper. It cost Mr Berry his place in the party. Clifford Smyth who was once a DUP politician now a Orange Order historian according to the BBC he was photographed dressed up as a woman also in the Sunday World newspaper. And we all know how the media went to town when Iris Robinson was caught having a sexual relationship with a 19 year old businessman after a vicious attack on the Gay community. All I can say is I hope nobody currently in the DUP is living a double life especially if they have a family. For as sure as night follows day the newspaper headline DUP politician in Gay Sex Scandal can’t be to far in there future. Super-Injunction or no Super-Injunction.