Mike Nesbitt was on the Stephen Nolan TV show last night. Going on about the  innocent victims of the IRA. Of course the IRA weren’t the only ones who produced innocent victims here. Recently Mike attended a loyalist rally in Carrickfergus also there was Billy Hutchinson who murdered two catholics in the 1970’s. Billy served a long jail sentence for this in Long Kesh. The UVF killed hundreds of innocent victims including women and children. The UVF killed the first victims of the troubles. They killed the first RUC Officer. They also killed the first female  RUC Officer. Loyalists also planted the first bombs. Loyalist terrorists didn’t just kill there victims by shooting them or blowing them up either. As pointed out by the peerless blogger FitzJamesHorse there were the UDA Romper Room gangs and the notorious UVF Shankill Butchers gang. These gangs abducted there victims off the streets of Belfast. The victims would be taken away to a loyalist club or pub and brutally tortured for hours sometimes days. Usually they would then have their throat cut and the body would be then dumped on wasteland or down a back alley. Yet it was Mike’s party that supported the Good Friday Agreement which released hundreds of prisoners both Loyalist and Republican.