One of the arguements made by Unionists is that a Independent Scotland would be landed with part of the UKs massive debt. But the people of Scotland can walk away from the United Kingdom debt free. According to a constitutional law expert. Oxford University educated Dr Matt Qvortrup says that a Independent Scotland would not have to pay a penny of the UKs 125 Billion pounds debt. He said: “If Alex Salmond doesn’t want to share the debt and is happy to reapply to Europe, the default position in international law is that Scotland would not have to pick up the debt.

“That has to be known to the people before the vote next year so that David Cameron will know we are starting negotiations from the position that UK (remainder of UK) is the successor state. That has consequences. The one that pays the debt is the successor state.

“If you want to be the EU successor state and be in the UN Security Council, you can. You take all the spoils — but you also take the baggage.”

He added: “In Yugoslavia, Serbia Montenegro wanted to be the successor country but they were deemed not to be — which meant they were not landed with the debt. The position Scottish Secretary Michael Moore and Prime Minister David Cameron have is that as long as they are the successor state it’s all good.

“But the understanding about them having to pay the debt could be a good argument for the Yes campaign.

“All other things being equal, Scotland does not have to pay its share of the UK’s debt.”

These findings are also backed up by Professor David Scheffer of the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.