It seems the British Government has given up on trying to run the country. Instead all the important decisions are to be made by referendums. Scottish Independence well that poll takes place in September 2014. Next up is a referendum on should the United Kingdom leave the European Union. Mr Cameron seems to be keen on this idea. But Mr Clegg his partner in government does not. The Tory Tabloid press are pushing hard for a referendum and will I am sure be fair and balanced during any referendum campaign. Mr Cameron has not just a few back bench Tory MP’s to worry about over this at least two members of his cabinet say they would vote for the UK to withdraw from Europe in any future referendum. And then is a border poll on should Northern Ireland join the Republic Of Ireland as set out in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. This could be called at anytime by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. And once it is called a border poll will take place every seven years until we get the right result. Just like in all referendums governments will keep calling them until they get the result they want. I am pretty sure the Tory Party will insist on calling referendum after referendum till the Country is as demented as UKIP on the subject of Europe. But will Scotland get another chance to vote on Independence or is this a once in a lifetime deal?