Nigel Farage visited a Edinburgh public house yesterday and it wasn’t exactly a warm welcome he received. The UKIP leader so used to the London based media fawning all over him got the shock of his life. In fact he went down like a lead balloon. Protesters chanted “racist scum” and “homophobe” as well as “shove you’re Union Jack up you’re arse” at Nigel. In fact the police had to move into protect Nigel from the Scottish people. Nigel ended up being put in the back of a police van and driven away to safety. It seems that there are still some parts of the United Kingdom that the political message of the United Kingdom Independence Party is less than welcome. I mean the UKIP have managed to make the Tories look popular in Scotland. Which is no mean feat. Nigel would be better sticking to the English Shires were he is liked. I guess Mr Farage’s political honeymoon is over long may it continue.