Nigel Farage has accused SNP supporters of being fascist scum. Fascism is when Big Business gets into bed with Big Government. What evidence has Nigel got that this has happened in Scotland under the SNP. None what so ever. So Nigel is wrong on that one. Some of the biggest supporters of the UK leaving the EU work in the City of London. They don’t like regulation at all and that’s why they don’t like the EU. Another thing those in the City oppose is a cap on there bonus money. One serious media commentator Simon Jenkins recently argued that London should leave both the EU and the UK. As he believes London has more in common with New York than Paris. And London’s two major employers are finance and leisure. He also says and I quote:

“Europe has not worked as a political construct. But nor has the United Kingdom. Most of Ireland has long gone. Scotland is girding its loins to go. Wales and Northern Ireland are special cases, but are winning progressively more autonomy. One day their representation at Westminster will be diminished.”

I think what Simon is calling for should be discussed more. If London wants to leave the UK and EU it should be put to a referendum.