Another Unionist Party was launched last night. Basil McCrea’s new party NI21 has a lot of support already judging by how many people showed up. It starts off with two MLA’s but no MP’s or councillors. I would criticize the new parties new policies but according to their website they don’t have any yet. Many people will say Unionism needs a new party that respectable unionists can vote for. The Alliance Party have the most to lose from this new development. The new party says it will form a opposition at Stormont to the Power Sharing Executive. Reg Empey of the UUP accused Basil of Salami slicing the Unionist vote. But Reg has a short memory. Reg alongside his pal David Trimble and Bill Craig starting slicing up the Unionist vote in the 1970’s with the Vanguard Unionist Progressive Party. Of course the real problem Unionism is to many parties to little voters. Basil says he will fight the next European election. In which Unionist voters will be spoilt for choice. Between the UUP the DUP and the TUV not to mention UKIP and maybe the BNP as well as APNI and the PUP. Eight Unionist candidates for three seats. Nine Unionists of the DUP decide to run two candidates. Which can only be good news for SF and the SDLP.