I have started a new opinion poll over on my other blog. This one is about housing integration in the Six Counties. As Barack Obama pointed out in his speech in Belfast recently we in the North really need to learn to live together. So I thought which Town or City here was most in need of this. I include Towns and Cities which have seen the very worst of the troubles like Belfast and Derry. And other Towns who seen very little of the violence like Newtownards and Bangor. Obviously you could not do this overnight this whole thing will take time and patience. You couldn’t for example take the residents of Ballymurphy in West Belfast and swop them with the residents of Kilcooley in Bangor that just wouldn’t work. Yes a lot of thinking and planning will have to go into this little Social Engineering project but I am sure President Obama is on to something. After all the forced racial integration of the schools in Boston worked out so well in the end didn’t it Mr Obama?