So as speculation mounts that Peter Robinson won’t be the First Minister and leader of the DUP for much longer. The 64,000 dollar question is who will replace him? A lot of people seem to think former finance minister Sammy Wilson is in with a shout. Sammy is a colourful politician and his personal life would make many a born again Christian blush. A particular incident involving Sammy was when his holiday snaps were plastered all over the Sunday World one weekend. The photos featured Sammy getting back to nature with a busty young woman. Still I am sure as many in the DUP are well known for there forgiving and understanding nature this should not be a problem.

So if Sammy is not going to be leader who is? Arlene Foster has a lot of fans but she is a defector from the UUP and is unlikely ever to be a MP unless she is parachuted into another constituency. Jeffrey Donaldson well his star has fallen in recent years by getting himself mixed up in the Westminister expenses scandal by expecting the taxpayer to fund his hotel movie watching.

What the DUP really need is a hardliner as leader somebody who has been in the party during good times and bad. Somebody who is above personal scandal either sexual or financial. May I suggest one man fits the bill perfectly. His name is Gregory Campbell.