Dr Paul Compton a Queen’s University Academic suggested a Repartition of Ireland back in the 1980’s according to documents recently released under the 30 year rule. These ideas reached the desk of Margaret Thatcher. Redrawing the border was rejected by the British Prime Minister.

He suggested three options for repartition, including one ceding over half of the Six Counties to the Republic Of Ireland, reducing its population to one million – 73.5% of it Protestant.

The NIO paper, discussing Dr Compton’s suggestions, also referred to a possible partition of Belfast.Government officials discussed creating “a wedge-shaped area in west Belfast” running from Twinbrook to the Divis Flats. The briefing paper discusses “difficulties over the Belfast sector”, adding that one solution, “a walled ghetto”, “would entail physical as well as political difficulties”.

This is not the first time repartition has been considered in British Government circles. That Margaret Thatcher who died last year and was praised by Unionists as some sort of hero even thought such a idea possible should be food for thought.