The pro-Scottish independence campaign group, Yes Scotland, has racked up one million signatures for its Yes Declaration with less than one month to go before the referendum.
4 million Scottish people will be entitled to vote in an independence referendum on 18 September, 2014, and will be asked the straight “yes/no” question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?

While recent opinion polls have shown that while the ‘No’ vote is in the lead, the gap between those who want independence and those who don’t is rapidly closing.

Yes Scotland, the campaign group championing an end to the 307-year old union, said that breaking the million-signature barrier with four weeks still to go to the referendum was a “clear indication that ‘Yes’ was on a winning trajectory.”

“We are hugely grateful – not just to the one million plus people in Scotland who have now signed the Yes Declaration, but also to our many thousands of volunteers all around the country who have worked so hard to help us reach this target with just under a month still to go,” said Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland.

“More and more people are waking up to the fantastic opportunities created by a Yes vote. People realise that only with a Yes can we protect our NHS and other public services, grow our economy to create better jobs, and make Scotland a fairer society.”