1. The north of Ireland will almost certainly see the return of a security frontier with the rest of the island, civil unrest and “direct action” emerging as free cross-border movement is curtailed or blocked by the United Kingdom
  2. The all-Ireland electricity market will no longer have legal validity under UK law and could collapse
  3. The UK will revert to fully “third country” status with the European Union
  4. Fuel supplies could be disrupted, with oil refineries shutting and thousands of employees losing their jobs
  5. In Gibraltar some 15,000 employees who cross the border from Spain every day will face hours of delays for months
  6. Up to 85% of lorries using Channel seaports will not be ready for customs checks in France, with disruptions lasting for at least three months
  7. Supplies of some fresh foods will experience a rapid fall with hundreds of thousands of customers affected by water supplies
  8. Vital medicines could perish on unrefrigerated lorries stuck at seaports, with disruptions lasting up to six months
  9. Passengers travelling to and from the EU could be subject to more immigration checks at sea and airports as well as the Channel Tunnel
  10. Hundreds of EU-registered boats currently fishing in UK waters would be deemed to be acting illegally, leading to clashes at sea
  11. The “fragile” care industry could be hit by rising inflation and small business operators could collapse within three months